Background image: Students pass between between classes at UC Berkeley's Stanley Hall in Berkeley, Calif. on Aug. 28, 2019. (Photo by Adam Lau/Berkeley Engineering)


The Supportal site is for people who are new to Berkeley and those who have been here for many years. It is for anybody who has ever asked the question "Who do I call or where do I go to address this particular concern that I have?" Supportal is intended to be a starting place for the entire Berkeley community to find resources. 


The Supportal project began in the 2022-23 academic year in response to requests from students, staff, and faculty for a single navigational entry point for the various support needs experienced by members of the campus community, whether seeking help for themselves or for others. This site is housed within the Chancellor's Immediate Office and is maintained on a regular basis. Supportal draws inspiration from a number of previous or still-existing websites, such as reCalibrate, the SVSH hub website, the Academic Leaders' Toolkit, and others. 

A note about the terms used on this website

Throughout the Supportal website, you will see resources sorted by whether they are available to students, employees, or both. On Supportal, the term "students" refers to undergraduate, graduate, international, undocumented, and visiting students, unless otherwise noted. On Supportal, the term "employees" is used to refer to all non-academic and academic employees, postdoctoral appointees, and others who hold paid or volunteer positions at UC Berkeley, unless otherwise noted.