Learning, Research, and Working Concerns

Concerns related to being a student or employee of UC Berkeley. Please click on a topic category below to begin.

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Academic and research dishonesty or misconduct

Academic misconduct and/or research misconduct can include plagiarism, cheating, alteration of university documents, false information and representation, fabrication or alteration of information, theft or damage of intellectual property.

Academic support (students)

Undergraduate, graduate and professional students, and postdocs have options for support with concerns related to academic standing, degree progress, writing skills or other academic help, and career readiness.

Accommodations & supportive measures

Staff, faculty and academic appointees, postdocs, and students may request supportive measures, including accommodation of religious creed, absences due to illness, accommodations for pregnancy and parenting, supportive measures for sexual violence/harassment, and hardship accommodations.

Career development (students & employees)

Career development resources are available to students, staff, and faculty.

Compliance training concerns

All UC Berkeley students, staff, faculty, postdocs, and other academic appointees are required to complete training on certain important topics. If you have questions about the compliance training you were assigned, this page can help you find help.

Cyber/information security incident

Cyber/information security incidents include computer system breaches; unauthorized access to, changes to, or use of systems, software, or data; loss or theft of equipment storing institutional data; a denial of service attack; ransomware.

Extracurricular support

Many students find fulfillment and a sense of belonging while participating in extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities can also help students with their academic and career goals. This page points to several campus directories of organizations students can join. Some are specific to graduate students, and others to undergraduate students.

Family-responsive policies (leave, benefits, accommodations)

The campus has a number of family-responsive policies and resources for parents and caregivers, whether you are a student, staff, or academic appointee.

Grade disputes

Students may dispute or appeal a grade they received. Resources are also available for instructors.

Grievances & equity concerns (employment)

An employee may file a grievance if they believe the terms and conditions of their employment, or their rights as an employee, have been violated.

Learning and working environment

There are a number of resources for creating equitable and inclusive classroom, research, and working environments.

Privacy & FERPA concerns

Students may grieve a violation of their privacy or rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).