Accommodations & supportive measures

Some resources differ for students and employees. On this page, you can jump to:

Resources for all | Employee resources


Academic and workplace supportive measures include: 

  • Accommodation of Religious Creed
  • Absences Due to Illness
  • Accommodations for pregnancy and parenting
  • Sexual violence/sexual harassment supportive measures
  • Hardship Accommodations
  • Accommodations for individuals with disabilities

Resources for all

Resource available for all

Academic Accommodations Hub

Provides information for students and instructors on supportive measures. 

Employee resources

People and Culture

For non-academic staff: Provides information about leaves of absence and other time off, as well as flexible work arrangements.

Academic Personnel Office (APO)

For faculty and other academic personnel: Provides information about policies regarding leaves, disability accommodations, and temporary workload modifications. For Senate faculty: The APO website also provides information about various supports for academic appointees who are dealing with illness, disability, pregnancy, caregiving needs, and/or bereavement.