Extracurricular support

Many students find fulfillment and a sense of belonging while participating in extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities can also help students with their academic and career goals. This page points to several campus directories of organizations students can join. Some are specific to graduate students, and others to undergraduate students.

Student resources

Resource for students

Berkeley Student Leadership & Engagement website

A one-stop-shop to student clubs and organizations, fraternity and sorority life, student government, student leadership programs, and more. Find support for creating and managing your registered student organization through Organization Advising & Student Involvement Services (OASIS).

Resource for students


The CalLink Organization Directory for a complete list of Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) at and resources for students to get involved based on their interests. For graduate students, graduate registered student orgs (GRSOs) can be found on CalLink. 

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Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students

The Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students office also provides numerous ways for students to get involved. 

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Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC)

The ASUC is the officially recognized student association at UC Berkeley. 

Check out the ASUC Student Union as well.

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Graduate Assembly

The Graduate Assembly (GA) is the student government of UC Berkeley graduate and professional students.