On-Campus Concerns

Concerns related to when students or employees are on UC Berkeley's campus. Please click on a topic category below to begin.


Campus building and housing concerns

Facilities concerns include maintenance requests, building systems or utility shutdowns, lost keys, help with electronic access to buildings. There are different resources depending on whether your concern is about campus residences or academic/administrative buildings.

Campus emergency notifications (WarnMe)

Staff, faculty and academic appointees, postdocs, and students have multiple ways to be notified of emergencies.

Environmental concerns & fire on campus

In an emergency, including fire, call 911 or the UCPD emergency line (510) 642-3333. Resources are available to students, employees, and visitors if you have campus environmental safety concerns.

Navigating safely around campus

Resources are available to staff, faculty and academic appointees, postdocs, and students who have concerns about navigating or getting around campus safely, including at night.

Protesting safely on campus

Free expression is encouraged but must not interfere with the University operation, teaching and other’s rights to expression and may not damage/impede University property. Campus regulations govern the time, place, and manner of public expression on University property.