Harm and Misconduct

Concerns related to harmful behavior, threats of harm, violations of University policy or law, or other misconduct. Please click on a topic category below to begin.


Abusive conduct (bullying)

All affiliates (staff, faculty and other academic appointees, postdocs, students) and third parties who experience or observe abusive conduct, including bullying and other disruptive behaviors, in the workplace have options for support and reporting.

Child & elder abuse/neglect

Anyone who witnesses, suspects, or is told about child, dependent adult, or elder abuse or neglect should report it. Certain employees and volunteers of UC Berkeley are required to report suspected child, dependent adult, or elder abuse.

Criminal activity

In an emergency, call 911. To report a crime no longer in progress to UCPD, please call the non-emergency line (510) 642-6760. Help is available to staff, faculty and academic appointees, postdocs, students, and third parties (non-affiliates) who have experienced or observed a crime.

Disruptive behavior on campus

If there is an emergency, call 911. For non-emergency situations in which a person behaving in a way that is disruptive on campus, please contact UCPD at their non-emergency number: (510) 642-6760.

Harassment & discrimination (including online harassment)

Discrimination and harassment is prohibited. Experiencing or witnessing discrimination or harassment can be very difficult and distressing. Please know there are resources and reporting options available to you.

Hate or bias incident

Resources and reporting options are available to staff, faculty, postdocs, and students who become a target of or witness a hate crime or hate-motivated act.

Hazing (students)

Hazing is not permitted at UC Berkeley. Hazing is defined as "participating in hazing or any method of initiation or pre-initiation into a campus organization or other activity engaged in by the organization or members of the organization at any time that causes, or is likely to cause, physical injury or personal degradation or disgrace resulting in psychological harm to any student or other person."

Misconduct by Athletics staff

Cal Athletics takes violations of University and Department of Athletics policies, NCAA bylaws, and federal and state laws seriously. Students, student-athletes, employees, and visitors may report a concern.

Misconduct by UCPD officer

Community members who believe they were mistreated by a UCPD officer or that other misconduct has occurred have the ability to report the misconduct and to seek support.

Sexual violence & harassment

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual harassment, relationship violence, stalking, sexual assault, invasions of sexual privacy, sexual exploitation, or other forms of sexual violence, there are resources on campus for you. Resources are available to staff, faculty and academic appointees, postdocs, students, and third parties (non-affiliates).

Targeted violence and active threats

IN AN EMERGENCY, DIAL 911. If you see a person with a weapon on campus, immediately call 911 or 510-642-3333 via a cell phone.

Threat of harm to self or others

If you need emergency support related to a threat of harm from someone else (including imminent risk of harm to self or others), please call 911 or call the UCPD emergency number (510) 642-3333 anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Help is available to staff, faculty and academic appointees, postdocs, students, and third parties (non-affiliates).