Abusive conduct (bullying)

Some resources differ for students and employees. On this page, you can jump to:

Abusive Conduct by an employee | Abusive Conduct by a student 

Abusive conduct by an employee

Abusive conduct (including bullying) in the workplace by an employee, including student employees, is prohibited by the Presidential Policy on Abusive Conduct in the Workplace. To report workplace abusive conduct, please make a report to Employee and Labor Relations using this online reporting form.

Managers and supervisors who observe suspected Abusive Conduct or receive a report of Abusive Conduct must immediately submit a report. 

For examples of what constitutes Abusive Conduct and what does not, please refer to the ELR Abusive Conduct website. Not all interpersonal difficulties constitute Abusive Conduct under the policy. However, help is available to you. For supportive resources, visit the Conflict Resolution page.  

If you have additional questions, please contact Employee and Labor Relations at AC_elr@berkeley.edu.

Abusive conduct by a (non-employee) student 

A student who is harassing someone may be in violation of the Berkeley Campus Code of Student Conduct. Not all interpersonal difficulties constitute harassment according to the Code of Student Conduct. However, help is still available to you. For supportive resources, visit the Conflict Resolution page.  

To report harassment by a student, please see the Center for Student Conduct "Reporting an Incident" webpage.

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