LGBTQ+ communities

The University of California, Berkeley welcomes LGBTQ+ students and employees. There are resources and community spaces available for LGBTQ+ communities on campus. Some resources and policies differ for students and employees.

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Resources for all

Student resources

  • University Health Services provides an array of services for LGBTQIA+ students, including transgender student care, medical care, counseling, name and gender change options, and preventative care. Their goal is to ensure students receive the highest quality care in a supportive, respectful space.
    • Need assistance navigating UHS Transcare services? Call Clinic 3 at (510) 643-7110 and ask to speak with the clinic nurse. The clinic nurse can arrange an appointment and prepare you for your visit. 
  • Transition Care Intake FormProvides guidance on accessing gender-affirming clothing, requesting gender-affirming materials, and seeking financial support for gender-affirming medical procedures. 
  • Trans Student Wellness Initiative: A student-led and community-centered collaboration between GenEq and the Multicultural Community Center that aims to support the holistic wellness and retention of trans and nonbinary students at UC Berkeley through community building events, resource distribution, and advocacy.
  • Queer Alliance Resource Center (QARC): A student-run organization in charge of providing social, educational, and safe sex programming for the queer and trans community on campus, also acting as an umbrella organization for all active queer/trans student organizations on campus. 
  • Transgender Students at Cal (T-Cal): A student organization providing a vital platform for transgender and nonbinary students, offering a supportive network and resources for navigating campus life. 
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Advocacy Project (SOGA): A Graduate Assembly Project that seeks to improve the lives and experiences of queer and gender-diverse graduate students at UC Berkeley.
  • Residential Life Theme Programs bring together students with a shared identity, interest, or academic area into unique living and learning environments. The UNITY Theme Program is a living-learning community that focuses on LGBTQ+ education, community-building, and leadership development

Employees resources

  • LavenderCal is a member-based organization working to build community and belonging among all LGBTQ+ staff, faculty, postdocs, and visiting scholars at UC Berkeley. Their website provides resources and ways to get involved.