Grief (including student or employee death)

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Navigating Grief and Loss

From the University Health Services

Student resources

Resource for students

UHS Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS supports the emotional, psychological, educational, social, and cultural development of all UC Berkeley students through a wide range of multiculturally based counseling, psychiatric, career, consultation, training and educational services.

Requests for flexibility or time off

You are encouraged to talk with your instructor if you need time off or flexibility due to grief or bereavement. A CAPS counselor can help you prepare to talk about your request.

Employee and postdoc resources

Be Well at Work - Employee Assistance

Provides no-cost confidential counseling and referral for UC Berkeley faculty, staff, visiting scholars, and postdocs.

Bereavement leave policies: 

Death of a UC Berkeley student or employee

Resource available for all

Campus Death Response

UHS provides information about the campus death response, including submitting a death report and campus memorials. 

Resource for students

Dean of Students team

The Dean of Students team serves as the UC Berkeley campus liaison for family, friends and University officials when a student passes away.

People and Culture

People and Culture provides information and assistance with benefits when an employee or an employee's family member dies.