Protesting safely on campus

The following resources are available to anyone who needs them, including staff, faculty, and other academic appointees, postdocs, students, and visitors to UC Berkeley.

Free expression is encouraged but must not interfere with the University operation, teaching and other’s rights to expression and may not damage/impede University property. Please visit the UC Berkeley Free Speech website for more information.

Campus regulations govern aspects of campus organizations and visitors, use of University facilities, and time, place, and manner of public expression for which implementing campus regulations are required by the University Policies. The UC Berkeleycampus events policy enables student organizations and other groups to host a variety of events on campus to supplement and enrich our students’ educational experience.

The Berkeley University of California Police Department provides information about campus regulations concerning time, place, and manner as well as UCPD's guidelines. 

The Division of Student Affairs provides information for protesting safely and filing a complaint if you believe your rights have been violated by a police officer or other public official.

Any allegations of harassment or discrimination, including allegations of online misconduct, can be reported to the Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD). Community members are encouraged to read, remember, abide by, and sustain our foundational Principles of Community.